jess is in rotorua on a geography trip for a couple days so I am to film the remaining scenes by myself. We are just beginning to be picky and perfecting everything, which are primarily what these shots are. Whilst jess is away I have been focussing on paper work as our film is well on its was and we can afford to have a few days to focus on the paper work aspect. on the whole, ive enjoyed the production of our film and am happy with the outcome so far.


its been difficult to find days available to all actors, and with the main characters being my sister who is very stubborn, and her boyfriend makes it even more difficult. if she is in an angry mood with me than she thinks she has the option to not have to act in jess and I’s film. she doesn’t understand the importance of her role in the film and at the beginning I don’t think she understood the commitment it would take to be in my media film. By the time this problem started to arise it was too late to find another actor to replace her with. I think the only motivations she had for acting in our film was the bribery I would give her (kfc usually) and the fact that she was seeing her boyfriend when filming (as he was the main protagonist). Although it seemed to be the easier alternative having my sister act as the femme fatale in the film, the difficulties have been a major. Other commitments for Jess, Paige, Seb and I included sport practises, work, and filming for other films mainly.

The due date has been extended to next week but jess and I are well on our way into our film. We have one more shot to film (as we are beginning to be picky), have to perfect the cut of shots, transitions and find perfect backing tracks. Our film does not have a lot of dialogue, therefor will be heavily reliant on music to convey the mood we are trying to make the audience feel.

My personal contribution these last couple days have mainly been to find perfect backing tracks. I am being very picky with this as they are a vital part in our film. on sunday jess was busy with a photoshoot for aimees photography internal so I was filming by myself. knowing that this was one of the last days we could film (because the yr11/12s are beginning to use the cameras which means availability is at a minimum) put a lot of pressure on this day and me as the producer in particular as I wanted to get more shots than what I needed, and this was difficult without second opinion. We went to two locations that day, my dads house, and my nanas house. Seb drove us to both locations (as I was staying at my mums house at that time) and I put gas money into his car.


We handed in our rough edit the other day and got back peer editing feedback. I’m really happy with how everything’s turning out, a lot better than i was expecting. there are a few shots we are to re-film just because of minor issues, and we are to put in an ending but on the larger scale there isn’t a whole lot to do. Jess and I are currently editing the film we’ve got as when we exported our film the edited version didn’t save onto our desktop completely, we are to almost start from scratch with the footage we have. probably our biggest issue in the filming process is finding appropriate times and dates which all actors and directors are available at. We are filming at my dads house on friday. 


I haven’t posted in a while. we’ve got our story line done and are In the process of completing our story board on paint. we’re set to start filming on Friday before queens birthday.


yesterday we presented our pitch to the class. Problems we had not thought of arose and we have a lot of thinking and planning to do. the struggle is real.