After being away from school for a week i feel really behind. I am in a group with jess which I am quite happy with, we work well together and will get the job done efficiently; and we are good friends which is a bonus. We both came up with the basic story line today in class. The femme fatale will be living an alternate persona, having two husbands and essentially two separate lives. She goes between the two freely without either of her husbands knowing. As her life plays out both husbands begin to suspect something, and results in the death of the femme fatale. We haven’t sorted the fine print or minor details of the story line yet, but we have till next week Tuesday to have completed and refined our pitch. I’m excited for this. I haven’t made or produced a film before, and I love experiencing new things. This will be a challenging to say the least, none the less I am excited. My sister will be playing the role of the femme fatale and I am already on the hunt for props i may need. I hope this turns out the way I’s envisioning it